Case Studies

Solar Star Project

This solar system isn’t just the largest capacity solar park in the United States but also the western hemisphere

  • Spread over 13 square kilometers (5 square miles)
  • Produces 579MW and has more than $500 million in regional economic impact

China’s Qinghai

Located in China’s Qinghai province, this is one of the largest solar park in the world, stretching to about 27 square kilometers (or about 10 square miles).

This park outputs a whooping 850MW of power, though planned solar farms in India surpass will surpass that number as well as China’s own Tengger Desert Solar Park.

  • clean energy from the sun to power nearly 200,000 homes

Jinana, China

One December 28, 2017, a new road opened in Jinan, China. But unlike your usual asphalt construction, this 1km stretch of road was built with photovoltaic solar panels, able to bear the weight of small trucks.

According to The New York Times in June last year, said that China’s road costs $11 a square foot. Expensive compared to asphalt but inexpensive compared to solar panel construction costs overall.

  • The road could pay for itself in energy after 15 years.