Solar technology is growing exponentially in South Florida and many properties are rapidly making the switch. Solar panels have a lot to offer all property types. Not only is the technology eco-friendly, making people less dependent on energy companies, the technology is quite economical, allowing properties to save on energy costs. Paired with LED technology which utilizes far less energy than traditional light systems, solar panels are an ideal choice for commercial and residential spaces. Here’s some tips for how to maximize your solar panel system.

  1. Invest in quality:

There are a lot of solar panel products on the market. The number one way to be sure that the products you are getting are quality products is to work with a reputable solar panel contractor. The best solar companies in Florida will provide you with options that are reliable and efficient. Your solar expert will let you know what a product’s certifications are and how a certain product will benefit your property. With quality products, you’re likely to be spending less on repair, also.

  1. Assess your current energy usage:

One main reason for working with a solar contractor is to make use of their knowledge and expertise. A good solar contractor will assess your current energy usage including lights, air conditioning, and any other appliances you’re looking to power. Did you know there’s a difference between solar panel systems used for powering lights and systems used for heating pools? A reputable company will know how to help you find exactly what you need for your property.

  1. Consider an LED upgrade:

Speaking of current energy use, if you’re looking to power lighting, one important factor that can keep the costs down is the type of lighting you’re looking to power. Whether you’re going off grid with your solar setup or simply looking to reduce energy costs, energy efficient LED lights are worth considering. Solar panels have limits. You may be able to reduce the number of panels you need simply by using less energy. LED fixtures are the most energy efficient lighting on the market.

  1. Clean your solar products:

Solar panels shouldn’t need much maintenance, but it’s a good idea to keep the photocell clear of dust and debris. Many solar panels need direct sunlight to operate properly, so it’s a good idea to make sure nothing is obstructing that – full sun exposure will not be achieved if the solar panel has a layer of dust or dirt on it. Schedule routine maintenance with a solar provider.

  1. Carry out inspections:

In addition to routine maintenance, a periodic checkup is a great idea for making sure your solar panel is running smoothly. When you’re investing in the best solar solution in Florida, you want to make sure it’s working right! Check your panels after a hurricane or tropical storm to ensure their stability and efficiency. Catching small issues will help to avoid a bigger problem over time.