• Model#: ELDORA VSP.72.AAA.03
  • Product Type: Solar Module
  • Length [mm (in)]: 1956mm (77.01in)
  • Width [mm (in)]: 992mm (39.06in)
  • Depth [mm (in)]: 40mm (1.575in)
  • Weight [kg (lb)]: 27kg (59.525lb)
  • Warranty [years]: 27


  • 27 years of linear power output warranty **
  • Rigorous quality control meeting the highest international standards
  • 100% EL tested to ensure micro crack free modules
  • Certified for PID resistance
  • Certified for salt mist corrosion resistance – severity VI
  • Certified for ammonia resistance
  • Compatible with K2, HILTI & Schletter structures for short and long side clamping
  • 3rd Party PAN file validated by PVEL
  • On-grid large scale utility systems
  • On-grid rooftop residential, commercial and industrial roof top installations
  • Off-grid residential systems s Solar pumping applications


Spec Sheet